Wulan Mei Lina // Bali


Wulan Mei Lina (May 23, 1979, Surabaya) started working when she was 14. At first she sold make-up. At 18 she started modeling for a French photographer, Nathalie. After a while, she decided not to be in front of the camera, but behind it. As a kid she already loved making pictures. She got her first camera when she was 23. She took pictures of her husband and child and slowly she started working as a photographer. Next to this she made drawings and she designed and sold clothes and shoes. She wears her own design-clothes.

Wulan began to make erotic pictures because she loved sexy things, Gothic style and S&M. She considers these things as fantasy, and she expresses these fantasies in her pictures. Her models – some of whom are also friends of her – she finds in nightclubs.

Wulan feels that she has a mission to accomplish. “The centre of what I call my artistic project is to contribute that women in Indonesia get more freedom to express their sensuality and their erotic power. Many women in other continents already have this freedom, but we still have to fight for it in Indonesia.”

In October 2010 she had her first European exhibition at Gallery Haags in The Hague. She had a spectacular opening with an S&M show. There were films made and there was an extensive article in several languages in Vice Magazine. In November 2010 pictures of Wulan are hanging in the most recent exhibition of Sexy Art Gallery in Amsterdam.