Wilhelmusvlug // The Netherlands


Like a modern renaissance man Wilhelmusvlug Artist, Designer, Dj & Vj is involved in a dazzling variety of creative endeavors. It all started in 1981 when Wilhelmusvlug teamed up with Peter Hertogh in a theatre play as the Art Brothers, a weird mixture of the Blues Brothers and Gilbert & George, inspired by their predecessors they soon embarked in a wide variety of music and art cross-overs. Starting with copy-art and motion capture animation, they expanded their field of work with video-art, jewelry-design, sculpting, performance, film, photography, music, and radio-shows.

Always a bit out of tune with the rest of the world, it didn’t take long before people started to notice this strange art duo. Even before they graduated they performed in theaters throughout the Netherlands, appeared in several radio & tv-shows, and finally paid their respect to Gilbert and George with their own performance in the museum of modern art Boymans van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

After their graduation they transformed the Vredenburg Music Centre for the fifth anniversary of the Dutch movie awards into one big art installation, pleased with the result they started making environments for festivals, stage-designs, big murals for bars and night-clubs, and designed the Grand-Cafe Dantzig in the city-hall in Amsterdam.

After working more than 10 years as an art-duo they found themselves a long way from their start as a performance duo, working very commercial by this time their reason for existing as an art-duo faded and they finally split up in 1992.

Wilhelmusvlug continued working as designer of nightclubs, restaurants, and creator of stage designs & festival environments. At the same time he used his new found artistic freedom to create a style of his own with large intrusive oil paintings with often surreal and erotic imagery.

When not painting or designing Wilhelmusvlug works on his video installations and as an underground Dj.


Copy Art – Art Book, Amsterdam, Netherlands 1982

100 years of photography – atelier Lieve Prins, Amsterdam, Netherlands 1989

Miniature Museum – Kunst Rai, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2002

Egocentrica – WM gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2003

Juliana – Donkersloot gallery – Amsterdam, Netherlands 2004

Manos Blancas – Cambio Constante V – Zaragoza, Spain 2004

Fetish in Oil – Siberia – Utrecht, Netherlands 2008

Fetish in Oil – Fetish Evolution – Essen, Germany 2008

Fetish in Oil – Boudoir Bizarre – Zaandam, Netherlands 2008

Fetish in Oil – Rubber Ball – London, England 2008

Fetish in Oil – Nuit Demonia – Paris, France 2008

Out of Control – Amsterdam, Netherlands 2008

The Dark Passenger – Siberia – Utrecht, Netherlands 2009

Fetish in Oil – Unterwelt – Den Helder, Netherlands 2009

Gallery of the Tortured Souls – Wasteland – Amsterdam, Netherlands 2009

Ice – Crazyland – Amsterdam, Netherlands 2009

15 years  – Wasteland – Amsterdam, Netherlands 2009

Bondage Bar – Dominatrix – Haarlem, Netherlands 2010

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