Valerio Pierbattista // Italy


Born in Rome (Italy), grown up in Israel and Switzerland and finally back in his hometown where he lives and works, Valerio Pierbattista is an Italian artist with a taste for  the (un)pop, mixing media, rock ‘n’ roll and junk culture.

Valerio produces homemade screen prints using the worst materials possible in the rust of his garage. The prints come out thick, imprecise and unrepeatable. Every artwork is treated as a unique piece of art, using copying and printing techniques but twisting it with flashy yet tormented enamel brush strokes, every artwork become a technicolored collage of found pictures. The themes range in a very wide spectrum of subject matters: from fame to sex, from life to death, from politics to portraits of great people you should go find and read about on Google.

Valerio likes to be internationally involved, and participates in exhibition around the world in cities such as Zurich , Detroit , Santiago and Rome just to name a few.

Valerio is also one of the elder members of the Rome based art supergroup called Punk Surrealism and lately started being active in the street art movement wheat pasting his graphics in the form of Xeroxed b/w posters around, pursuing the aim of creating a graphic interference in the urban landscapes, illegally self promoting his art and trying to succeed screen printing his way into the art world.