Pornsaints is “an artistic approach to porn, a pornographic approach to art, a pornoartistic approach to religion.” Its mission is to reinterpret pornography through the languages of contemporary arts.

An art exhibition featuring:

Francesco D’Isa

Molly Crabapple

Ellen Stagg

Aunia Kahn

Jeff Faerber

Italia Ruotolo

Eric Débris

Yana Moskaluk

Natsuki Otani

Glenn Arthur

Van Rijn

Katelan Foisy

Jessica Ward

Chelsea Greene

It was born as an international collective of artists who portray porn stars as saints. Artworks are based upon the idea that porn stars may be “sanctified” by their performances. Founded by Francesco D’Isa in early 2007, Pornsaints is based in Italy and made up of artists from around the world, working in an array of mediums ranging from digital video to oil and canvas.

“…the definition of a Pornsaint is inspired by many religious concepts and beliefs. It is closer to mystical and far-eastern definitions (Taoism most of all) than to those of Christianity. If God is the most unreachable concept, the saint, being closer to God, renounces human features and identity. A cool separation from the world, like an extreme behaviour, is one way to overstep humanity. The pornsaint dwells in the house of the saints, but got there traveling a different way, and came in knocking at another door.” Francesco D’Isa, Pornsaints.

But the Pornsaints series is not only an opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a porn star and on the dynamics of the porn industry. Like saints, Pornsaints are people depleted of their most intrinsically human identity: the highly ritualized structure of porn movies moulds porn stars to their role just like saints abandon all worldly aspirations. As such ethereal creatures, Pornsaints enjoy a vision of humanity that transcends the common man’s understanding. To the Pornsaint, men are naked, literally and metaphorically, stripped of society’s constraints; in the artworks people can see themselves through a Pornsaint’s crystalline eyes. Desire, lust, obsession, misery unknot into unprecedented clarity. Just beyond the tainted glass, just beyond the stretched surface of the canvas, within reach, lies the melting relief of having grasped something about what it means to be human, however dirty or petty it may be.

Pornsaints has held many exhibitions through art galleries and porn-related venues worldwide:

In 2007 in Firenze (Italy), “Ambasciata di Marte.”

In 2008 in Berlin (Germany), “Galerie Zero.”

In 2008 in Philadelphia (USA), Grand Gala, Transit.

In 2008 in San Francisco (USA), Femina Potens gallery.

In 2009 in London (UK), A&D Gallery.

In 2010 in Austin (USA), Birdhouse Gallery.

In 2010 in Zurich (Switzerland), Museum of Porn in Art.


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