Paolo Pomati // Italy


From his birth events have brought the artist Paolo Pomati to have a more sensitive, deep and distorted vision for everything that surrounded him.

He was always persevered in his search amplifying his sensitivity and his deep emotion to catty them as a reflection of the soul on the canvas.

His many research and curiosity, have slowly dragged the artist not only to painting but also to different art forms like poetry, sculpture and music…”the natural need for molding, melting and enjoy getting lost in the intensity of the senses”.

In recent years, after many exhibitions in the province of Mantua and the surrounding areas, the artist managed to achieve with their own forces small projects. In fact in 2008 he made an important exhibition being able to involve so many poets and writers including the Italian singer Umberto Giardini (Moltheni)

This show called “ultima fase del processo poetico” (last phase of the poetic process) was a new expressing inner emotion, blending his painting with poetry which have provided the various poets.

The work was divided into four groups of existence (loneliness, pain, sex and passion), each consisting of four painting accompanied by four poems: two horizontal and two circular; then he made decorated panels and effect runny that served ad desk illuminated by candlelight.

All fused with the walls of the room that housed the exhibition, which were decorated in theme, this created a kind of antechamber of thought (gave the impression that this was a walk in the mind of the artist). This project represented an opportunity to come out his talent. The most significant work was “Lucida Follia” which contains his philosophy somewhat enigmatic.

The following year, in June 2009 he has participated in an international competition where he competed with about 400 Italian artists, managing to be among the 15 artists who have had the opportunity to exhibit their works in Japan, exactly in Fukuoka at the Toyota showroom.

This event raised a cultural exchange between Italy and Japan. Allowing artists to submit works to the Vatican, in a press conference sponsored by Alessandro Maugeri and successively exposing in the prestigious art gallery “la Pigna”.