Nila Vanwolf // Australia

Taking inspiration from pop art, street art, comics and tattoo culture, Nila vibrantly explore the balance between the dark and light side of human nature through the world of pinups.

Combining a contemporary, retro and decorative aesthetic is the result of a vast range of life experiences.  One of her first memories is of gazing upon the vivid murals of multicolored gods of life and death on the temple walls in Nepal. Many years later she became a burlesque dancer, igniting her interest in 1950s pinups. Painting soon took over as she continued travelling the globe fascinated by both urban street art and old cultures which resulted in her work developing into a collision of rich colors and bold linework depicting playful pinups inhabiting a vivid pop art universe.

Although exuding sensuality her work also embodies a fun innocence, mingling life, death, sexuality and spirituality without taboo, such as the sexy zombie motif or multi-coloured sirens tattooed in both skulls and flowers, frivolously reminding us of the polar opposite but intrinsically connected dimensions of beauty and decay.

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