Mickey ME // Austria


Mickey was born in Salzburg, Austria.   Already as a child he stood out as an artist while finishing the pieces for his friends.   As the son of a kindergarten teacher he has always been involved in the arts and crafts.    After working for a photographer in Austria, he attended a graphic design program.   He even ventured into the world of fashion; sowing and designing his own outfits.

After some years of art abstinence he rekindled with his passion while painting his first mural in the late nineties.   In the summer of 2003, Mickey decided to go back to earn his bachelor degree in fine arts.   He attended Saddleback College to satisfy his AA degree in fine arts and transferred to the California State University in Fullerton to graduate in Summa Cum Laude.   Some of his most influential teachers were Vito Lenny Scarola, John Cederquist, Don Lagerberg, Mercedes McDonald and Jade Jewett.

In 2006, Mickey entered the juried CSUF Titan Art Show and received 2nd place with his piece “Society’s Ties – Fleeting Dreams”, the piece that kick started the signature series “Dream Factory 1926”.   The idea was inspired by the Movie Metropolis, which was released in 1926; therefore the series is named after.

Mickey started to put on solo shows on campus while still in school.   Then in the summer of 2007, he began to show his work with Cannibal Flower and did over a hundred gallery shows since.   Mickey’s art hung on the walls of places like the Box Gallery – Costa Mesa, CA, Strychnin Gallery – Berlin, Germany, The Grind Gallery – Venice, CA, Art Slave Gallery – LA, CA, The Night Gallery – Santa Ana, CA, Grand Central Art Center – Santa Ana, CA, Kustom Kulture Gallery – NY, Genuine Artikel – NY, Low Brow Gallery – Atlanta, GA, The Hive Gallery – LA, Hyaena Gallery – Burbank, CA, and many more.   He also curates shows together with fellow artists under the umbrella name United C.A.T. These shows were held at the Koo’s art center in Long Beach, CA and are now relocated to The Regent, LA Down Town.

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