Matt Edwards // UK


Matt is a creator of art with beauty and impact. He believes that art should inspire and that the erotic realm is a misunderstood and undervalued aspect of life. His work promotes the belief that consensual adults should be free to enjoy sexual lifestyles as they see fit, without guilt or inhibitions.

As an artist, writer and designer, Matt has many skills in his arsenal to portray and communicate his liberating view on contemporary lifestyles. Tapestry magazine was written and created in 2011, a 220-page examination on sexual lifestyles in the modern age. He is also co-owner of The Printer’s Devil, a graphic illustration tour de force which celebrates hedonism, alternative fashion and punk aesthetics.

Ongoing themes in his work include individuality, power, the growing awareness of diversity, the mixture of pain and pleasure, and the importance of confidence and attitude. He has participated in various exhibitions and has been featured in numerous publications such as the underground art bible, Juxtapoz magazine and Skin Artists magazine.

Matt lives in London, England.



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