Markus Richter // Germany


I was born and raised in Germany to an old family of artists.  The last 20 years I have been focused to capture what I see and communicate it to others. This desire has grown into a lifelong journey, starting with drawing and playing around with my Grandfathers old Rolleiflex cameras as I grew up.  After leaving school, I completed training in photo engraving and worked as a draughtsman for a cloth printing company.  Years later, after my duty in the military, I undertook studies at the Education Centre for Digital Media in Karlsruhe . The city pleased me so much that I had remained there to this day.

Today I balance my creativity between design and photography, with each has its own role in helping me to capture the world around me. Currently I work for consolidated companies as a Cross Media Producer, which digital photography has its important role. In teamwork I collaborate with other designer to develop full product and environmental image solutions.  I’m very passionate with my own personal work. I produce photography for myself and for other artists like musicians or actors, helping them with my ideas to create images for promotion and albums. I alternate between two mediums, film and digital. I use mainly black and white film and some digitals when it is required for the look of the final image.