Kristal Blanco // Italy


Kristal Blanco (EU, 1962) is a Digital Stuff Modeler. She is a self-taught artist and she still likes to experiment with different mediums. She jumps between vectors, fonts, shapes and pics! It is hard to foresee the final results of all of her efforts. Her philosophy is to be absolutely yourself! The artist must take a long and deep trip inside his emotions and his dreams and try to contaminate the surrounding people with the same dreams and emotions between the images. So her images are the tool of her inner emotions and deep and dark dreams. She is a sort of strange woman that crosses between history and culture and music and art. She likes illustration, graphic design, photography and fine art. Her favorite artists are Alvaro Sanchez from Guatemala City, David Choe and Jeff Soto, Aj Fosik, Francois Escalmel and Shawn Barber.

Her digital works have been published in some of the most important websites, design portals and magazine like: (USA) Bastard Magazine n. 5-6-7-8-9 e10 (pdf) (2005, 2006, 2007) Germany Eroded magazine (pdf) Sweden UrbanCollective (Australia) Revista Capiusa (Guatemala) centerfold agost 2007 RevolutionArt n. 5 (Music peace & love) Per 200HUNDRED magazine (Scotland) the asian designer portal for SaveHeart (Indonesia) ANTI magazine n. 3 per, Italy 2007 C-Heads magazine December 2007 – Austria FEFE (free entry-free exit) Project magazine, It wasn t planned n. 5 january 2008 New Media Design 2007 book ed.Sometti Mantova Italy march 2008 – Italy Blanket Magazine n. 8 Music! april 2008 pdf bimestral magazine- Australia – Art Exibitions: Pixelpoint, Slovenja 2002 Pecha Kucha Nights n. 2 april 2007 – Italy Genuine Roman Art Roma theme 2007 and Metamorphosis theme july 2007 Dazed Digital 2007 Wrangler Wanted Digital Gallery September 2007 First Pornsaints’ expo at Berlin-Germany june 2008 – Artwhino November 15th 2008 Stencil Show/adidas opening reception – Femina Potens Gallery in San Francisco for “Religious Iconography” 6 December 2008 – Artwhino Mayday in 2009 and G40 Event in March 2010.