Kaji // USA


Kaji has chosen sexuality as the subject of his artwork because of the visceral energy it evokes. From cave paintings, to the Kama Sutra, sexuality has been depicted by artists since the earliest moments of humankind. It is a primitive, natural instinct to be fascinated with the erotic. Sexually explicit images prompt such powerful physical and chemical changes within the human body; it often becomes difficult to determine when the image stops being art, and becomes a carnal act. It is this electric surge of sexual tension that Kaji attempts to capture and share.

Using a style that combines the soft lines of the impressionists with the urgent, frenzied brush strokes of the action painters, Kaji translates his subject’s carnal passion into art. “I want to take sexuality out of the hands of pornographers. Ever since the puritans banished eroticism, America’s sexual identity has been represented, for better or worse, by the porn industry. There is a place for pornography, but sexuality is so much more dynamic. If porn is the only way people are exposed to sexuality, it’s like only consuming fast-food and concluding that eating is unhealthy. I think we can give people more. I think we can find beauty in sex, and maybe a little pornography too.”

Kaji’s work has been displayed in public galleries as well as private collections.  In addition to painting, Kaji is also a writer and a scenic designer. Kaji is excited to be included at SAG “It’s rewarding to be part of a tasteful attempt at naturalizing the erotic, reclaiming sex as a fulfilling human condition.”