Jeffrey Richter // USA



2003 The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center · Studied marble sculpture

1999-2002 East Central College · Studied art

1995-1999 Sullivan High School · General studies

Work Experience

2006 – Present · Paramount Apparel


· Creatively designing apparel for many companies across the United States using Photoshop, Illustrator, and traditional drawing.

2005-2006 · Chaffee Center for the Visual Arts


· Instructing students in the elements of drawing and painting through the courses;

· Drawing, Drawing From Life, Anatomical Drawing, Drawing Landscapes,

· Architectural Drawing, Oil Painting, and Open Studio.

2004-2006 Aldous Funeral Service


· Carving marble and plaster, bronze casting, mold making, tool forging and splitting stone.

· Assisting instructors and students during workshops.

· Demonstrating proper carving, drawing, and tool usage techniques.

· Machinery and tool maintenance .

2003-2004 St .Clair Monument and Granite Works


· Designing, creating and carving headstones using granite and marble.

· Setting headstones at gravesites using precise measurements.

· Installing granite countertops.

1997-2001 Stockton Construction Company


· General laboring

· Construction


· Painting with oils, watercolors and acrylics, drawing with ink, charcoal, chalk, graphite, and pastels, plaster-casting, mold-making, carving marble and splitting stone.


· Mystic Coffee Shop, “Odd Paintings

· East Central College Gallery, “Four”

· Carving Studio Gallery, “Intern Show”

· Carving Studio Gallery, “Members Show”

· WIZN, Maltex Building, “Art Hop”

· Chaffee Center for the Visual Arts, “Members Show”

· Studio Place arts, ” Give us a Hand”

· Front page of section B in newspaper, “Seven Days”

. Washington Missouri Autumn Festival

· Schlafly Art Outside Festival

· Machine Shop Gallery

· Soulard Art Market


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