Jeff Wack // USA


This series of figurative work started as a “passion” or “labor of love”. I’ve created time, in and around my other commissioned work, but feel that this is the highest realization of both my narrative and technical abilities as an artist.

My aim has been to depict the female figure in a stylized, beautiful and ethereal way evoking the energy of each woman.

For me the sensuous form of the female figure has, and continues to be, a classic subject matter throughout the ages and has also inspired many legions of artists of all disciplines. In that sense I am no different then those who have gone before me.

The work itself is done digitally and is a combination of my photography and painting. All the models are shot in a small studio against a plain background. All the other background elements are added from my own photos, often of natural scenery. I have also been influenced by some classic work by other artists ranging from the Renaissance to Art Deco as seen in my pieces “Venus” and “La Bella NevaehLleh”. I have been fortunate to meet some wonderful and beautiful models who have posed for my work and I owe them all a debt of gratitude. I hope the viewer senses their presence reflected in the artworks, and my love in creating them. I very much look forward to creating additional works and collaborating with many more kindred souls.