Italia Ruotolo / Italy


Italia Ruotolo was born in Naples-Italy.

She did literature studies and later she graduated at the Fine Arts Academy of Naples.

For many years she worked as a goldsmith and designer.

This had great influence in her painting way always in search for the preciousness of the matter.

Her works have many influences as many references there are in her artistic ideals ranging from classical art to art nouveau and pop art.

Her source of inspiration is the world that surrounds her, but her art is not realistic in the strict sense, quite the contrary is a journey into a parallel world where the real figure acts as a provocateur triggering surreal reactions.

In her art there is not distinction between high and low cultural level, because she’s awarded that the man lives in a myriad of sensory stimulation and is himself the product of continuing contradiction between what is real and what is mere appearance or mere fiction.

We find echoes of these contradictions in her work in constant search of a balance between true and false and past and future.