Hector Domiane // France


Hector Domiane is a French Painter of women’s portraits and nudes, in a fetishist and retrofuturist style. Living in Paris, he took art lessons at the French School of arts DUPERRE in PARIS. Using acrylic and often wax, sometimes mixing photos and painting, his confidential painting is acquiring more acclaim in the fetishist world. His ambition is to bring fetishism into art, in a more seen able way, for everyone, in a classical way. For him latex should be shown in the art history as it creates ” a wonderful graphic effect on bodies “. He thinks that a simple nude is boring but ” a nude with stilettos is the perfect topic ” . He’s satisfied of his paintings as long as you fall in love with the girls on the canvas, hope you will.

Since 10 years, he’s exposing his work, mostly in France and Europe, and more recently, overseas, at the SEATTLE EROTIC ART FESTIVAL in 2006 and 2007.