H. Berk Duygun // The Netherlands


Born in Istanbul in 1987. At the age 3, went to Germany due to health problems and lived in Düsseldorf. After 5 years, return and continued his studies in Turkey. Just after graduating from high school, he worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for a while. To be a street musician, he quit graphic designing and played his flute and saxophone for 4 years in the streets of Istanbul. In meanwhile he started to get interested in his father’s profession: Photography.

He studied photography and graphic designs in the fineart academy in İzmit, Turkey for a year, meanwhile he started to interested about video making and then he decided to move back to Germany,  lived and studied photography and media arts there for about 2 years. Now days he is traveling a lot to take better photos, to see about different views of people, to learn more about different cultures and for future studying and currently he is living in Utrecht.

His style of photography is to create photographs using natural light and nature itself to show the beautiful sides of the human being and the nature itself, which we cannot see so often at these days.

His artworks got featured in many magazines, worked with many companies, well known people & musicians, fashion designers in U.S.A., Canada, Germany, Turkey, Spain and many more. He made two solo exhibitions in Germany and joined a photo bianale in Istanbul.



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