Gianluca Mattia // Italy


Gianluca is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer, known for his vivid illustrations of curvaceous alt delights. Gianluca was born in Bari, Italy, Qualified in the Institute of Art with qualifications of Art’s Master and architect’s designer and interior decoration. After his studies in art, Mattia focused in digital illustration.

His illustrations are vivid, erotic, subversive, part-emo, part-punk, between realistic and surreal. They operate in some of the same realms of beauty, utilising details like tattoos, blood, tears, piercings, band-aids, open wounds, skulls, odd creatures, hot rods and scars.

Gianluca Mattia’s art has been included in books such as “My name is?” vol. 5, Eccentric Design (Pyro press), Semi permanent 2010, The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of today vol. 2 and 3 and more. He has been featured in Babyboss magazine, Dynamite, Sizzle Magazine, Tattoo Extreme, Arize magazine, Kult magazine, Tattoo Italia and others magazines and e-zine.