GERNOT // Germany


(1969) is a painter, freelance illustrator, sculptor and designer who lives and works in Bavaria/Germany. After he created and exhibited large sized, frightening machinery pictures and ugly creatures in oil paint during the early 90ties, he decided to concentrate more on his preference for the bizarre, unusual and especially the female shape. Several illustrations of bold mistresses, voluptuous ponygirls, masked nuns and rubberized maids followed. The consequence were first publications in Fetish Magazines such as “Secret” and “Twilight” and a permanent cooperation with the world’s leading magazine in this genre – Marquis.  Gernot draws / paints his bizarre characters mostly with a wink of the eye – but with technical seriousness and passion.

Since about 1998 he earns his living out of book- and story illustrations, logo design, cover artwork, original art, flyer graphics, copies for tattoo studios and commissioned work for private clients. Besides he also sculpts figurines for the UK-based company ICONIA and for his own series of stylish fetish sculptures.

Since 2008 he works with his own silk-screen machine where he prints more graphic fetish designs on T-Shirts and soon on paper…