Dorian X // Italy


Dorian X was born in Verona ( Italy ). He lives and works in Milan . He paints in a style very close to the pop surrealist artists from America , especially close to Joe Coleman’s style. He is interested to reveal the decadence of the contemporary society making complex, vibrant and extremely colorful paintings which make him to be like a modern Jeronimus Bosch. Dorian X has a passion for Flemish masters (Bosch, Bruegel), and the miniaturists. He adores classical subjects, both mythical and agiographic. That’s why the Apocalyptic imaginary can be a constant source of inspiration to him.


2003 “Kali Yuga”, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Bologna (solo show)

2003 “Angeli”, Galleria Babele, Milano (group show)

2004 “Naturalezza”, Aunkan Galeria, Barcellona (solo show)

2005 “Apocalypse Paintings”, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Roma (group show)

2007 “Bestie Uomini Dei”, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Roma (solo show)


2003 Kali-Yuga, (Mondo Bizzarro Press)

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