Dorian Drake // U.K


Dorian Drake – Lives and works in south east England. Since 2006 he has been selling prints and some originals of his erotic line work. Exhibiting in London’s Coffee, Cake and Kink in 2007 and more recently at Impure Art in Brighton in 2008. Dorian also featured in the World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today Volume II.

Dorian to date has been mainly working in pen and ink or for an even finer line using digital methods to achieve crisp clean lines. His work features many women in bondage; however they are not merely submissive but proud and strong.   Although some more hardcore work can be seen in Dorian’s recent work he tries to avoid the too obvious and tries to spark eroticism in the viewers imagination in turn giving the work a more intimate personal feel.

Dorian is now working on a new collection of work.