Derek Harrison // USA


Born 1983, Derek Harrison has pursued art since he was physically able to hold a pencil. He is an artist that has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort to continuously learning and progressing the craft of oil painting. After taking classes at various art schools including the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts, Derek decided that learning directly under artists who’s styles and work was closely related to how he wanted to paint, would be the most efficient and beneficial path to painting as he desired. He spent over two years learning and painting with contemporary artist Shawn Barber. Followed by studying and painting solely from life with Sean Cheetham and Jeremy Lipking. What he paints is a reflection of his interpretation of life and what makes it beautiful. “The figure, primarily the female form, is an ever moving subject that can convey a vast array of emotions that we can all relate to. Whether that be purely on a visual level or one that goes much deeper. It is a timeless work of art that I try to capture honestly.” His work has been shown throughout the US and is held in several international collections. After being one of the 5 (out of 8,000) juried artists for an exhibition in Los Angeles, his work has become known, sought after and collected by many collectors within the entertainment industry in Southern California where Derek resides.

Selected Solo Shows:

“Warmth” – La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2011

“New Works by Derek Harrison” – Wildcat Art Space, Santa Barbara CA 2010

“Derek Harrison” – Prizzi’s Piazza, Hollywood CA 2010

“A D.A.M.N. Art Show” – Muddy Waters Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA 2009

Selected Group Shows

“La Luz de Jesus 25 year Anniversary Show” – La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2011

“Erotica” – Dogwood Studios, Ventura CA 2011

“Ink For A Cause” – Stoneworks Studios, Ventura CA 2011

“Necropolis” – Congregation Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2011

“Everything But the Kitschen Sync” – La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2010

“Ag2 Group Exhibition” – Ag2 Gallery, Santa Barbara CA 2010

“Zodiac” – Congregation Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2010

“Black Plague” – Congregation Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2010

“Dia de Los Muertos” – Muddy Waters Gallery, Santa Barbara CA 2009

“Joshua Carlton & Friends” – Adorned Gallery, Indianapolis IN 2009

“Group Exhibition” – Northstar, Santa Barbara CA 2009