Alejandra Guerrero // USA


There are two sides to my work. First, there are the fantasies and alter-egos I depict through the models. I recreate different expressions of beauty, sexuality, fetishism, feminism and erotic fictions. Second, there are my self-portraits, which are more direct expressions of who I am and how I feel in the context of my personal life, time, space  and my identity as a woman – how I see myself in relation to what I do , but in the context of reality, a subject with flaws that feels change and empowerment through what I continue to explore in my art.

When I started doing photography, the best lesson I learned from a teacher in photo school was that “you are your own best model”, because you are always available to any inspiration. Those words have resonated with me even to this day. I began using myself as a subject of my art. I used videos to mirror things. Then I employed the use of mirrors to capture myself, mainly out of convenience. Using myself as a model helped me to see myself and explore the mind that was trapped in this body. My self-portraits also helped me gain a lot of self esteem and confidence. They developed my erotic mind allowing me to break taboos and talk about personal intimate things, such as vulnerability, which I associate with nudity. Although I don’t portray myself full nude in my own photos, I enjoy teasing people and letting the imagination fill the gaps. I share plenty of that through the art I create with the models who happily bare it all for me.

I want to add a new voice to erotica, with a feminine point of view, depicting women as powerful beings, expressing themselves through their bodies and their sexuality. There is one image of ourselves we put out in everyday life; then there is the other side – the more intimate self, which I like to think of an alter-ego in flux. In private, a different personality always arises, and the photograph brings out the hidden aspects of who we are – a moment of true self, forever frozen in time.

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