Adrian Dimetriou // USA


Adrian started formal Fine Arts studies age 10, continued through Fine Arts High school. Specializing in sculpture.

Studied Fashion Illustration at FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY New York.

Studied Jewelry making at STUDIO JEWELLERS, New York.

Lives in New York City.

The aesthetics and erotics are interlaced, interdependent. What is appealing subliminally to the human mind is a healthy tension of the shapes like the capillary action on a drop of water, same as the smooth roundness and fullness of a peach or a sexy body…plus the refinement, contrast between thick and thin, and… fine proportions.

Once the idea appeared, no time and effort is spared in elaborating the good composition/image, through careful positioning of the elements, trial and error .It may take months of pondering until all the parts ‘click’, and modeling to a high finish. ,thus the work is a slow process to mature like a good wine.

The sculptures come in limited editions signed and numbered by the artist.

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