21st Century Sexy Art



Winter 2009

A Co-project to establish a contemporary Sexy Art Gallery (La Galerie Provocatrice) at the Erotic Museum in Amsterdam . The Museum in the Red Light District will be the first that offers a platform for contemporary artists through Sexy Art Gallery to expose and sell their erotic artworks. The project is an initiative of the people behind the Erotic Museum and Zaki & Shiren Silverman (curators Sexy Art Gallery ) and will give permanent base to artists from all over the world. The project is a unique concept that aims to link artists, press, new media, and people like you and me.

The first exhibition ‘21st Century Sexy Art‘ is an ode to new sexuality. With emphasis on the global sexual awakening on the World Wide Web as well as in the privacy of our homes.


Mario Sughi (Ireland) – Bob Coulter (USA) – Dorian Drake (UK) – Jeff Wack (USA)  – Matteo Alfonsi (France) – Carolyn Weltman (USA) – Beatrice Morabito (Italy) – Francesco DIsa (Italy) – Hector Domiane (France)  – Jeffrey Richter (USA) – Dorian X (Italy) – Valerio Pierbattista (Italy) – Lior Ron (Israel) – Kronos (USA) – Erin K. Lenchner (USA) – VANGYN (The Netherlands) – YoniLab (France) – Clément Collet- Billon (France) – Kaji (USA) – Kris Wlodarski (UK)

Exhibition statement:

Upon the birth of the internet, sexuality went global. With a sudden digital explosion, the erotic impulse of the world became available to anyone with a computer and an internet connection. Sexual fantasy ceased to be private. Fetishes came out of the bedroom to be explored and shared.   The proprietary claim on lust that was once owned by a few commercial magazine publishers and movie makers, became public property. Sexually explicit images are available for free 24/7, piped directly into the comfort of our homes. Abundant erotic imagery has forced an entire industry to become more creative in content and marketing. It has also helped to legitimize a small movement in sexuality; erotic art. What was once dismissed as smut, now viewed within a colossal spectrum of adult oriented material, can be recognized as something different.

The difference is tangibility. If the new sexuality of the World Wide Web has easy and abundant access, erotic art hanging in a gallery or home has permanence and intimacy. While private viewing of sexual images occurs relentlessly on the internet, it is a rarity to view erotic images adorning the walls of a home. While the internet provides fuel for the libido, erotic art ensnares the mind as well as the loins. It begs us to see a deeper beauty in physical intimacy.

In the 21st century, human sexuality has reached puberty. It is the role of 21st century erotic art to help uncover the beauty of our global sexual awakening.

Text by Kaji

Curators: Zaki & Shiren Silverman // www.SexyArtGallery.com